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Glamorama Wallcoverings

Glamorama Wallcoverings is a breath-taking new collection of 10 diverse wallcoverings, including replicas of Shagreen, Mosaic and antiqued plaster expertly printed on shiny foils, opalescent Mica and elegant natural looking grounds. Bold new designs, either flocked with a velvety touch or textured to resemble fabric, include Zinc’s signature asymmetrical geometrics, a Houndstooth and an impressive Zig-Zag stripe. The sexy curves in Mr. C, confirm Zinc as an advocate of glamorous 1970s style. Coloured with burnished metallics and with designs featuring striking new shades which coordinate with Glamorama fabrics, these wallcoverings add an exciting new dimension and much anticipated addition to the Zinc brand.


glamorama-wallcovering-00 glamorama-wallcovering-11 glamorama-wallcovering-10 glamorama-wallcovering-09 glamorama-wallcovering-08 glamorama-wallcovering-07 glamorama-wallcovering-06 glamorama-wallcovering-01 glamorama-wallcovering-05 glamorama-wallcovering-04 glamorama-wallcovering-02 glamorama-wallcovering-03Add to your list

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