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Miami 2020


Miami 2020 Downtown Miami Today

Miami as you know it, today!

Miami 2020 Downtown Miami 2020

MIAMI 2020

“Following the economic downturn, Miami, London and New York came to epitomise the so-called safe haven market, with overseas buyers looking to escape currency, economic, political and security crises by putting equity into tangible assets that appeared safe from government sequestration. This trend gathered pace in 2012. Then Russians, long an important driver of the London market, became a growing force in both New York and Miami, alongside ever-rising demand from Latin America. – Knight Frank Wealth Report 2013″

Miami rates top on the latest Case-Shiller real estate report

Home values in South Florida showed no weakness in November, soaring 17 percent compared to the prior year, according to the latest Case-Shiller numbers.

The closely watched real estate index gave the greater Miami market the largest November increase of any of the 20 metropolitan markets it tracks. Between October and November, the Miami index increased .7 percent, the 23rd straight month of rising values. Taking a 12-month view, the Miami index grew the fastest since June 2006.

With values soaring, industry analysts expect price increases to moderate in 2014. The S&P/Case-Shiller index reports on conditions from several months earlier, so it is considered a lagging indicator. The latest numbers offer more evidence of the real estate market’s quicker pace in 2013. In November 2012, the Case-Shiller Miami index, which includes Broward and Palm Beach, was up 10 percent from the prior year.

The best way to predict the future is to create it

– Peter F. Drucker

And never before has a city been so ready to create its future like Miami. We see it all around us: a reemergence of cranes, hard hats, and sexy brochures. And with hi-rises on the rise again, where luxury is as ubiquitous as cafecito, and world-class living is the way of life – there’s no denying that the Future of Miami looks pretty awesome!

Miami has ranked 8th on The wealth report 2013 by Knight Frank, ahead of Paris and Beijing just to name a few. Focusing on the High New Worth Individuals on each city category.

Below you will find key developments that will contribute to the growth and success of the future of Miami and its neighborhoods. In a few years we should see most of these projects taking shape in the new decade, boosting local economy and attracting tourists from all over the world.

Miami 2020 Downtown Miami Today

Miami as you know it, today!

Miami 2020 Downtown Miami 2020


Brickell Magazine, January 2014, has put together a concise list of project selling today and about to be released on a map, highlighting a before and after scenario demonstrating the caliber of investment Miami is attracting. This is just Downtown and Brickell neighborhoods but the most sophisticated and luxury projects are located in Miami Beach and Sunny Isles Beach.

This depiction of Miami’s skyline could become a reality sooner than you might think, and what’s on the horizon is sure to forever change the way the world looks at out metropolis.

Click below to view Brickell’s Magazine featured content about Downtown Miami and Brickell, a list of current and upcoming projects to be build in the coming years, although some of these projects are now under construction today. This is to give an idea of the endless opportunities available in Miami.

Click here to preview Brickell’s Magazine January’s edition.

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