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Motorized Systems & Home Automation

We provide you with top of the line articles and accessories for a supreme window treatment detailed finish


Motorized window coverings offer convenience, control, and sophistication, as virtually all custom window treatments can be motorized. Whether it is motorized roller shades, electric blinds, automatic draperies, or roman shades, iDesign Miami has the expertise to configure, fabricate and install.

Motorized window treatments are available in several different power configurations:

Power Options:

Battery Powered Operated System

With this system, there is no need to run wires as the shades operate on batteries, which have to be replaced every 1-5 years, depending on usage. This system operates with remote control or wall switch.

DC Powered Operated System

This system is a low voltage system, in which wires have to reach the shade from an AC transformer. There is no maintenance required as the batteries do not have to be changed periodically. Operation of such systems is via wall switch or remote controls. Pre-wiring planning is recommended.

AC Powered Operated System

This system is operated on an AC power, from 120V-240V. Wires have to reach the shade from a pre-existing AC source. Operation of this system is by remote control or wall switch. Pre-wiring planning is recommended.

Control Options:

Radio Frequency System

The biggest advantage of radio frequency operated window covering systems is that your window coverings can be operated from virtually anywhere in the house, without the need to point the transmitter (remote control) directly at the blinds, shades or drapes. Somfy® radio frequency systems feature controls that include: hand-held remote controls, wireless wall switches, and wireless programmable timers. In addition, window coverings that are operated via Somfy® radio frequency systems can be integrated with total home automation systems.

Infrared System

This is a basic system, which is recommended if basic control is required. The infrared transmitter (remote control) has to be pointed directly at infrared receiver to operate the window coverings individually. Therefore, your window treatments have to be within the line of sight to be operated.

More advanced controls and convenience

If your window treatments are located in several rooms, and you would like your transmitter (remote) to operate from different locations, and or operate several window treatments simultaneously or individually, radio frequency systems are recommended.

Hard Wired Wall Switches

For these types of controls, wires are required to run from the power source to the point you prefer the wall switches to be, as well as to the top of the window. Pre-wiring planning is recommended.

Home Automation

iDesign Miami Home Automation team makes it simple and affordable for you to intelligently control virtually any device in your home—from TVs to thermostats, door locks to DVRs— no matter where you are—using one easy-to-use interface. This is intelligent home control. A genius idea indeed.

Control that grows with you,
Dream big, Start small

Homes Automation Solutions are:

  • Easy to install, no major construction required.
  • Simple to use, right from TV, touch screen, smart phone or remote control.
  • Flexible, start small and add more control as time and budget allow.
  • Compatible in new and older homes.
  • Limited only by you imagination.


  • In one touch, the movie starts, your shades close and the surround sound kicks in at the perfect volume. Instead of spending a night watching a movie, you’re enjoying you personal theater.
  • You rush out with the kids to drop them off at school, by the time you get to the office you wonder, “Did I lock the front door?” Check from you smartphone and relax.
  • Multi-Room Music, enjoy music seamlessly from the dining room to the living room to your roof top deck.
  • Lighting, enjoy perfect ambiance in every room. Make sure all the lights are off from your bed.
  • Security, experience peace of mind with features that enhance your home security.

Got your dream concept of control? We’ll make it a reality. Because our home automation solutions are entirely modular, it’s easy to add
More control to your home over time.

Our home automation projects and installation process is extremely personalized. Please contact us for a personal consultation catered to your space and needs.

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